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托福独立写作部分对于我们写作的总体要求是consistent facility in the use of language(语言运用的和谐流畅),给我们的具体建议是a variety of sentence structures(句子结构多样)和word choice should be appropriate(措辞贴切得体)



  托福独立写作部分对于我们写作的总体要求是consistent facility in the use of language(语言运用的和谐流畅),给我们的具体建议是a variety of sentence structures(句子结构多样)和word choice should be appropriate(措辞贴切得体),评分者的审查角度是lexical or grammar errors(词汇和语法错误)以及the complexity of sentence structures(句子结构的复杂程度)和the quality and complexity of your vocabulary(考生所使用的词汇的质量和复杂程度)。下面澎博英语的老师们分别先从语法错误、措辞和句子结构三个方面来探讨备考过程中应该注意的事项:

  OG中要求是word choice should be appropriate(措辞贴切得体),那么你是做到呢?大多数人会认为quality and complexity of your vocabulary指的就是大量使用TOEFL甚至GRE的词汇,当然,这些词汇如果使用的正确固然是好的,但对于大多数同学来说,很多TOEFL/GRE词汇大家仅仅是认识,对于它们的搭配和感情色彩并不是很清楚,往往会闹出一些笑话。

  在托福独立写作中什么样的词汇才是appropriate或者说能到的一定的quality and complexity呢?在托福的评卷中,raters一方面会考虑同学们所使用的词汇的长度和复杂度,一方面会把考试文章中所使用的词汇表达与语料库中不同等级的文章进行比较,从而大致判定我们的文字语言水平。积累高分范文中的表达对于提升语言有着很大的帮助。



  (1)并列句(包括平行结构,neither...nor...,not only...but also...等句式)

  Junk food may cause a person to develop diabetes, to have heart disease, and to gain weight.

  The mass media neither gives us the necessary information, nor does it tell us the truth.


  What kind of person you wish to become is more important than what kind of job you will have.

  No one can deny the basic fact that it is impossible for average workers to master those high-technology skills easily.


  After-hours study, if properly managed, holds the key to success in the 21st century.

  College students, lacking social experience, are easily cheated.


  Only when the heavy and frequent exposure to television is restricted or regulated will the adolescents' life, both bodily and spiritually, be guaranteed.


  If there were no Internet, how could people get various information immediately?


  Tourism, which is a rising industry, has become the major source of economy, playing crucial role in many Asian countries.


  在写作中,短句能够给人留下比较深刻的印象,比较适合用来表达观点;而长句善于表达非常复杂的逻辑关系,比较适合用来解释不同现象间的关系。由于长句和短句的不同功能,在托福写作中,我们常用短句来表达关键信息,尤其是引言段中的thesis statement和正文段的topic sentence,用长句来描述引言段中的背景信息和对正文段的topic sentence进行拓展。如果我们能做到这一点,文章中就会有长短句交替出现,避免枯燥乏味的问题。比如下面这个段落中,作者就用一个短句表达主题思想,然后用了几个长句来解释这个思想。

  Children in modern society become more difficult to understand than 50 years ago. Children acquire a lot more new information and ideas from various resources,such as mass media and the Internet, while their parents always cannot accept those ideas, because they always have a stereotyped mind and are reluctant to take novel concepts. Therefore, generation gap becomes huger between parents and children in modern society, which impedes the communication between parents and the children.



  in addition, furthermore, again, also, besides, moreover, what`s more, similarly, next, finally.


  in the same way, likewise, similarly, equally, just as, in comparison, Compared with…, …, comparing with,


  whereas, in contrast, on the contrary, on the other hand, instead, however, nevertheless, unlike, even though, while

  (4)因果(Cause and effect)

  because, because of, for, since, due to, owing to, thanks to, as a result(of), accordingly, hence, so, thus, given that


  certainly, above all, indeed, of course, surely, actually, as a matter of fact, chiefly, especially, primarily, in particular, undoubtedly, absolutely


  although, though, after all, in spite of, nevertheless, still, provided, while it is true....


  for example, for instance, that is, namely, such as, in other words, in this case, by way of illustration. One apt illustration of this point involves…


  to sum up, to conclude, in a word, in short, in brief, all in all, in all, to put it in a nutshell, in summary


  as of, when it comes to, concerning, when talking about, as far as,

  时间和空间(Time and space)

  afterward, after, first, later, then, soon, outside, near, beyond, above, below, on the right(left), in the middle, opposite, in front of