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【美国口语俚语系列10】托福口语考试不想clam up?用俚语给自己增加亮点!

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学习俚语对托福口语有什么好处呢? 第一,可以狂拽地道英语,而不是说Chinglish中式英语! 第二,让自己的语言表达更加生动起来,这点请自行感受! 第三,吸引口语考试考官,让你脱颖而出! 第四,优点太多说不完呀......今天,小编为大家带来【美国口语俚语系列10】,口语积累起来!

学习俚语对托福口语有什么好处呢? 第一,可以狂拽地道英语,而不是说Chinglish中式英语! 第二,让自己的语言表达更加生动起来,这点请自行感受! 第三,吸引口语考试考官,让你脱颖而出! 第四,优点太多说不完呀......今天,小编为大家带来【美国口语俚语系列10】,口语积累起来!


Listening to him talk about his adventure in China was a real eye-opener.听他谈在中国的历险令人大开眼界。
2. fake someone out骗过某人
The quarterback faked the other team out by keeping the ball instead of passing it.四分卫持球不传骗过了敌队。
3. fall flat失败;碰壁;未达到预期效果
His joke fell flat because no one understand it.他的笑话没人听懂,所以没有收到效果。
4. coverfor掩护
Don’t worry about mother, I’ll cover for you this time.别担心妈妈那边,这一次我会为你掩护的。
5. bite the bullet咬紧牙关,忍受痛苦
You just bite the bullet and get it over with.咬紧牙关完成这件事吧。

1. bigpicture(事情的)主要部分;重点
Concentrate on the big picture for now. Don’t worry about the minor details.

2. bite the dust死亡,报销
This pen just bite the dust.这支钢笔报销了。
3. bleeding heart老好人
The liberal candidate was accused by his conservation opponent of being a bleeding heart on welfare issues.
4. bad news讨厌鬼
Marcy is nothing but bad news around here.马西真是这一带的讨厌鬼。
5. badblood不和,敌意
Ever since Howard borrowed 5,000 dollars from Mike and never paid him back, there has been bad blood between them.自从霍华德向麦克借了5,000美元不还之后,他们之间就有了嫌隙。

Brian is a real cheapo. He won’t even spend the money to buy his mother a birthday present.
It’s a cheapie. I spent only a couple of bucks on it.这是个便宜货。我才花一两块钱买的。
3. chow down吃饭
Let’s chow down. I’m so hungry.吃饭吧。我饿死了。
4. clam up住口,不说话(原意为“蚌壳合起来”)
When Vinnie entered the room, Mary clammed up.文尼已进入房间,玛丽就闭嘴了。
5. chillout缓和情绪,冷静下来
Chill out. Things are not as bad as they seem.冷静一点。事情并不象表面上那么糟。


1. out in left field疯了
He’s out in left field. Nobody ever understands what he is talking about.他必定疯了。没人知道他在说些什么。
2. out of it迷迷糊糊,昏昏沉沉,心不在焉
Sara’s always out of it, she has no idea of what goes on in the world today.
3. out of luck运气不好
You’re out of luck. The last bus left half an hour ago.你运气不好。末班车半小时前就开走了。
4. out ofthis world太棒了,好极了
This food is out of this world. I’ll have to get your recipe.这食品好极了!我得向你要点烹饪秘诀。
5. out of whack坏了
This phone is out of whack. You can’t dial out.这个电话坏了,拨不出去。

1. becaught dead献丑,出洋相 
I wouldn't be caught dead in that ugly outfit.我才不要穿那样难看的衣服献丑呢! 
2. not by a long shot绝不可能 
There's no way he could have won, not by a long shot.他绝不会已经赢了。 
3. off the top ofone's head不假思索,马上 
I can't tell you the information off the top of my head. I'll have to look it up.
4. life in the fastlane刺激的生活(fast lane快车道) 
Jane likes to live life in the fast lane.简喜欢过刺激兴奋的生活。 
5. bow out不干了,退出 
Mr. Black often quarreled with his partners, so he finally bowed out of
the company.布莱克先生经常和同伙吵架,因此他终于退出了公司。

1. bend over backwards不遗余力 
Sue will bend over backwards to help her friends.休会尽力帮助朋友。 
2. all ears全神贯注 
Whenever you tell Jonny some gossip, he's all ears.每当你讲闲话给琼尼听时,他总是全神贯注。 
3. get lost滚开 
A stray cat was lurking outside the fish market and the owner yelled at it," Get lost!"
4. pump up热切期望 
Everybody on campus is pumped up about Saturday's big game. The winning team will get the national title.
5. put someone out给某人添麻烦 
Please don't go to so much trouble. I don't want to put you out.请不要非那么多工夫,我不想给你添麻烦。

1. punch line好笑的部分
I can’t tell the joke, I forgot the punch line.我无法讲这个故事,我忘了当中最好笑的部分。
I’ve had enough of your put-downs. You’re not perfect either.我受够了你的羞辱,你也好不到哪里去。
3. cop-out溜走
Don’t cop-out on me now. You promised you’d go.别想溜。你说过你会去的。
4. blabbermouth大嘴巴,爱说闲话的人
I don’t like Don because he’s a blabbermouth.我不喜欢堂,因为他爱说人闲话。
5. breakit up停止谈天、吵架、打架(原意为“分开”)
Break it up! I will not permit fighting in this classroom.住手!我不准有人在这个教室里打架。

1. rub elbows交际,接触
It’s important for you to go to these parties and rub elbows with everyone. That’s how contacts are made.
2. rub it in火上浇油
You don’t have to rub it in. I already feel bad enough as it is.你不要火上浇油了,我已经够难过的。
3. run something by again重复某事务
Can you run that by again? I didn’t quite understand your last point.请再说一遍好吗?最后一点我听不太懂。
4. say what你说什么?
Say what? I didn’t hear what you said.你说什么?我没听到。
5. sit tight耐心等待
Just sit tight. The doctor will be with you in a minute.耐心等一下,医生马上就来看你。

1. get with it留意(周遭的事物)
George really needs to get with it. He’s still wearing bellbottoms.乔治真的该留意一下时尚。他仍然穿着喇叭裤。
2. get over自……中恢复过来
I don’t think anybody really gets over his first love.我认为没有人能够真正忘掉初恋。
3.gross someone out让某人觉得恶心
Mike grossed Sue out when he waved a snake in front of her face.麦克在苏面前摇晃着一条蛇,使她恶心死了。
4. hang out溜达
In her free time, Kathy likes to hang out at the mall with her friends.凯西有空喜欢和朋友到商场溜达。
5. have a ball寻乐子,痛快地玩 
We intend to have a ball at the amusement park today.我们打算今天到游乐场玩个痛快。


1. scatterbrain糊涂虫
What a scatterbrain! She forgot to plug in the coffee maker真是个糊涂虫!他忘了给咖啡壶插电。
2. screw up弄错
The hotel screwed up our reservations so we didn’t have a room for the night.
3.spaced out魂不守舍
He didn’t hear what you said. He’s spaced out.他没听到你说的话,他魂不守舍。
4. up front预先
In order to hold your reservation, I’ll need a 10% down payment up front.
5. wimp软骨头,没用的家伙
Harold is a real wimp. He lets everybody take advantage of him.哈罗德真没用,每个人都可以占他便宜。

1. chicken out退缩
Bill was going to ask Lisa out on date, but he chickened out at the last minute.
2. clamp down on加强取缔
The police are clamping down on drunk drivers.警方加强取缔酒后开车。
3. break the newsto告诉坏消息
Paul had to break the news of her friend’s death to Paula.鲍尔必须告诉葆拉她朋友的死讯。
4. the breaks运气不佳
Sorry, Susie, that’s the breaks.抱歉,苏西,运气实在不好。
5. broken record反复讲同样的话(原意为“坏了的唱片”)
Please stop talking about your problems. You sound like a broken record.拜托,别谈你的问题了,真象张坏了的唱片。